10 Tips To Social Media That Explode Marketing Exposure


10 Tips To Social Media That Explode Marketing Exposure

Social Media is a proven catalyst to immediate Internet Marketing exposure and has in many ways created this ‘New Age of Digital Marketing’ on the Internet as we recognize it today. Viral advertising or Social Media Optimization provides an enormous opportunity for businesses to find, target, and attract both existing clients and new clients through the process of Social Referral. Social Media provides a major impetus in the branding and link building process by generating a level of multi-media impressions 100’s of times faster and 100’s of times more affordable than conventional marketing efforts.

How can you leverage Social Media to increase your Internet Marketing exposure and SEO efforts? Try these simple 10 tips and watch your brand’s exposure grow:

1. Create Profiles on Social Networking Sites – An effective Social Profile delivers confidence in your brand and provides unprecedented opportunities to connect directly with established business partners, existing customers, new customers, and an audience who shares common interests in your product or service.

2. Social Bookmarking – Social Bookmarking is a proven source of guaranteed web traffic for your Internet Property. Social Bookmarking also expedites search engine indexing and broadens exposure thereby creating a positive brand experience.

3. Create a Public Blog – A public blog creates new content and reaches out to your community. Links to and from blogs improve site traffic and rankings.

4. Create a Private Blog – We never recommend simply creating a public blog. A private blog hosted on your server and updated on a regular and systematic schedule ensures quick indexing and definitive results.

5. RSS feeds – RSS feeds or ‘Real Simple Syndication’ of your content ensures real-time article publication among various digital media sources on the Internet. RSS feeds provide instantaneous fresh and original content to the Search Engines which encourages indexing and guarantees top placement in the SERP’s.

6. Article Submission – Article submission is a highly effective tool to syndicate original content throughout the Internet. Article distribution creates valuable back-links while at the same time providing interesting and useful resources to your target audience.

7. Press Releases – Press releases are a great way to distribute real-time news regarding your company to your target audience while generating inbound links to your site at the same time.

8. Blog Comments – Blog commenting is a great way to build back-links and become active within a community or group. A blog comment that is relevant, germane to the cause or topic, and submitted with proper ‘netiquette’ builds valuable social interaction that can only be achieved in a close-knit ‘blogosphere’ community.

9. Forum Comments – Forums provide a great opportunity to engage a social community that shares similar interests. Forums also allow people to share ideas in an open and moderated environment that is conducive to learning and sharing in a productive manner.

10. Video SEO – Creating a company video and properly optimizing that video for the major search engines is guaranteed to produce real-time indexing. Additionally, a video that is properly produced with the right ‘calls to action’ and supported with compelling graphics and dialog captures the attention of your audience and could be widely syndicated to a level that literally achieves success on an unimaginable level.

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