3 Ways Small Business Can Increase Their Web Traffic From Facebook And Social Media


3 Ways Small Business Can Increase Their Web Traffic From Facebook And Social Media

If you have any experience with online marketing and advertising no doubt you have heard the term social media and social networking, it seems to be taking over the World Wide Web right now.

Even though social media has been around a while, in terms of internet ages, it is only recently hit the main stream and only now after the initial fad stages many small business owners are seriously seeing the viability of social media and are taking actions to leverage it for their own businesses.

Although there are many social networking sites on the internet some offering certain advantages over another however whichever way you look at it Facebook.com is certainly the leader of the pack with over 500 Million users and directing more web traffic to external sites than Google.

When it comes to search engine optimization and getting your website on top of Google backlinks are the number one currency, when it comes to Facebook and social media it is all about getting others to share and spread your content for you.

In this article we are going to look at 3 ways you can get more people to share, like and spread your content throughout the internet.

1. Like & Share Buttons – Facebook and most other social networking sites provide widgets you can place on your website that allow your website visitors to share or like your content right from your website. This will help spread your content to more people 100% free, it is also brings people from the social networks to your website and vice verse where you can now place them into your sales funnel and start selling to them.

2. Ask Your Customers to Join – Most businesses have a customer’s list, subscriber base, or newsletter subscribers, on your next mail out whether it be physical or email inform your subscribers that you have created a page on Facebook or another social network and ask them to come and join you there. It is also good to place a link in your signature of every email your business sends out.

3. Competitions – This is one of the most powerful ways to spread your content and message extremely fast. Give away a prize every week, for people to enter the draw they might have to ‘like’ your Facebook page and ‘share’ a piece of content or to write a status update tagging your business page as a way to enter the draw. You might ask them to create a simply testimonial video, upload it to Facebook, tag your Facebook page as a way to enter. The reason why this works so well is 2 fold, first people loving winning prizes and entering competitions, second as people begin posting, liking and sharing your content or page Facebook and other social networks spreads you message like a virus on complete autopilot, informing friends or friends or friends know about your business.

Social media has proven itself to be extremely powerful when it comes to driving webs traffic to a website. For example ABC News reported a 190% increase in web traffic to their site simply by placing the Facebook ‘Like’ button on their website. And NBA.com said that Facebook had become their second-largest referral source. Don’t underestimate the power of social media.

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