5 of the MOST Powerful Search Engine Ranking Tips


 5 of the MOST Powerful Search Engine Ranking Tips

If you want to rank high you need multiple things, here are some search engine ranking tips that will improve the position of your page rank for at least 4 pages.

Make sure you spend the extra 15 minutes on optimizing your page for keyword that you have selected. That means, get the keyword density of around 2%, get the keyword mentioned in the first paragraph and the last one. The first paragraph should have it mentioned in the first sentence and the last paragraph in the last sentence.

If you think you are done with the optimization, you are not. One of the least known search engine ranking tips is a trick that has been proven to work great. On the page you are optimizing reference an authority site. So if you are optimizing for ABC keyword, make sure you are referencing site such as wiki using that keyword. But make sure people do not click on it or you will lose the traffic. So add it in the footer of the page if you can.

Post at least 10 comments on popular site such as yahoo answers, yedda, ask etc. Do not worry if they are raw links without anchored text, they still count. You may also want to get more blog comment links.

Get a mixture of do follow and no follow links. People now think that only do follow are good links. That is NOT true. Do follow and no follow are all good links, the only thing with no follow is that they will not pass the PR onto your page.

And yes you do have to increase the page rank of you pages. In that case you can outsource your link building to link building service providers. You can often get high PR profile links at low prices such as 10-15 cents per link.

Using these search engine ranking tips you will improve your ranking of the page, and it will not cost you a single dime, but 15 min. of time invested.

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