6 Noob Ways to Destroy Your Blog Marketing Efforts


 6 Noob Ways to Destroy Your Blog Marketing Efforts

Blog marketing sufferers from the same syndrome that blogging itself suffers from: every here, Dick and Harry thinks they can do it, but very few of them are doing it well.

Luckily, there's an easy way to tell when your blog marketing efforts are not quite up to par: you've had no new readers in weeks, and those of you do have about as active as lichens in the sun.

Why is Blog Marketing so Important?

Blog marketing is an essential part of any content marketing strategy, and copy writers are churning out new blogs every day. Companies pay a fortune for good blog posts, because they're an excellent way to drive traffic directly to your website, which is where customers will be spending their money!

Your blog is a platform that's yours to own and control, where you can build a community of fans and business contacts who are the lifeblood of your business.

If your comments area is a barren wastland and your blogroll is drying up like a river in the Sahara, you're making noob mistakes!

Here are a few basic mistakes that will ruin your efforts towards fantastic blog marketing.

You're Not Making Time To Promote Your Blog

There's no point in writing a witty, informative posts if nobody knows you're writing them! You can promote your blog by putting prominent links to it on your website and Facebook page, and post some clever comments on other people's blogs to lead their readers to yours.

Your Blog Is not Relevant To Your Business

You could have the next Hemingway and have millions of readers, but if your blog is not promoting your business, it's not blog marketing – it's just blogging. It's great to have exposure, but to make sales, your posts need to convince readers to use your services.

You're Not Using SEO To Optimize Your Blog Marketing

SEO is not just for articles and web copy. Try using popular keywords in your blog posts. Place links to other popular blogs on your page so that they'll track back to you, and link different posts together. It'll pay off when your blog is ranking on Google page 1!

Your Blog Has No Personality

People like reading other people! Your blog may be aimed at promoting your business, but it has to be personal and interesting. Put a photo (with a real smile, please!) And an author bio that contains some fun personal info about you. Your passion for your business is part of your personality, so share it!

You're a Negative Nancy

Is your blog filled with doom, gloom and general nastiness? Being positive is empowering and attractive, and blog marketing needs to draw readers to your cause – you will not do that by lamenting the unjustices of the world all day.

You're Not Being Consistent

I've opened up posts that promise fascinating insights, only to see that the last entry was two years ago. Blog marketing requires consistent effort! You have to post daily, or at least weekly, or you'll lose readers permanently by disappearing off the map, even for a month.

If you're still unsure, or you just do not have the time for blog marketing, copy writers can take over – let a professional handle it!

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