7 Simple Tips to Top Search Engine Rankings


 7 Simple Tips to Top Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine traffic is one of the best types of website traffic. Targeted traffic is pre-qualified traffic that's already interested in your website content. In other words, they see your site on a list of results because they were searching for information about the subject of your website.

These are strategies and are not guarantees that I have used with my own websites with success. To increase your site visitors' leads and sales; implement these simple search engine techniques to rise to the top:

1. Register Your Keyword Rich Domain Name – Use your keywords or a keyword phrases in your domain name. It creates brand awareness. Use these resources for your wholesale priced domain names.

2. Learn Basic HTML – A lot of search engine optimization techniques invelve editing the basic HTML code. At least you should be able to view the source code of any page and understand what it all means, and basically edit it as necessary.

3. Create a Top Notch Page Title: Title tags are key because all search engines give the tag a lot of weight. Put your keyword phrases into this tag. Avoid using extra words linking, non-descript company name or home page. Think of this tag as the "Title Keyword Tag". It should reflect exactly what your page is about. Focus on using the keyword phrases people may be using the search engine to find your company.

4. Description Meta Tag. Some search engines will include the description below your title. Carefully choose 20 of your most important keywords and write a 200-500 character sentence about your site. Do not just repeat your title but write with different keywords. Some search engines prefer just the description Meta tag and some will use both title and description tags.

5. Keyword Meta Tag. Since keywords you or I think may be great keywords for your site may not be what people are actually looking for. To find the best keywords for your site, look for the highly searched and target keywords / keyword phrases related to your site and put them in a list.

Power Marketing Tip: Leave out the commas between your keywords, so the search engine can group the words into any phrases someone is looking for. This way your words take up minimum space with maximum combinations.

6. Keyword Density. The ratio of keywords on your page to non-keywords is called Keyword Density. For example, you have 100 words on your page and three of those words are "piano" or "pianos", then you will get a keyword density of your text for the word "piano". Aim for a keyword density on your site from 3-20%. This will offer you a good range.

SEO TOOL TIP: You may analyze your page density by using this online tool: http://www.keyworddensity.com/

Header Tags. Search engines place emphasis on the header tags so make sure you have your H1 tag on your web page. Use CSS (cascading style sheets) to avoid the problem of your text appearing too large when using html for this tag. Use the other header tags (H2, H3, and H4) through your web page.

If you want long lasting traffic that will come back for more again and again, implement the above simple SEO tips. Aim for a simple clean look and design for your web site. Develop your site with premium and keyword rich copy, according to how it will benefit your visitor. Use these powerful but simple SEO tips and rise to the top to get the best traffic.

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