A Lack of Honesty and Integrity in Internet Marketing


 A Lack of Honesty and Integrity in Internet Marketing

Some time back, for my birthday, I was fortunately enough to receive a book from my son. He felt that I may be interested in learning how to make some money on the internet, even when I slept. He was acutely aware of my limited skills on the computer, but felt that because I now had plenty of time to devote to such a venture, that some extra funds in my bank account would most certainly never go astray. I read it with great interest.

Now to get started in such a business you must have something to promote, either from your own efforts or from those of others. Let me tell you that despite the promises of many promoters that their particular program is "as easy as falling off a log"; they usually are not such a doddle. Be prepared for a fairly steep learning curve, but you will receive plenty of help if you want it.

First of all you will be confronted by the usual savage up-sell. You get in for free, or a limited outlay. However, if you really want to achieve anything like the results of the promoter, then you will be faced with the need to upgrade to the 5 star versions or the professional model, or … all of which will make you feel quite sufficient if you do not purchase, and of course will cost you more. Just be ready for it.

Simply we have promoters telling us all how incredibly successful they have been, with wonderful photos of their cars and planes and trips and mansions etc, and that by following their methods we can achieve the same. Well maybe so, but when you receive e-mail after e-mail from an array of such promoters, telling you that their next door neighbor, or old school friend, or a person they are just met at an IM conference, or all of the above, has just released this unbelievable program, and that to succeed you must have, then after a while I am sure you may become as cynical as I have. It becomes obvious that they are just pushing any old product and that their evaluation really counts for nothing. It appears that most programs that they come across are added to their arsenal of products to flog and that after a while the description of "best ever" or "must have" loses its real meaning and the reputation of the seller becomes unexpectedly tarnished.

Good luck to them for their trappings, but I'm afraid to say that my experience of sitting in an audience when this type of promotion was used, that the attendees become more bored than envious. Take your time filtering through the myriad of offers and seek help from those actually doing the business, rather than those just on-selling a business.

Another tactic to be aware of is the constant urging to get in quick before the site is shut down. Creating urgency is one thing and I understand that, but the whole process wears incredibly thin after a while. It is not only boring but is dishonest. You will regularly find that weeks later, they still have room for the same 5 customers that was on offer before, or that out of the kindness of his heart; the promoter has released another 1,000 programs, so get in quick. Take your time to make decisions. Do not be rushed. If by chance you do miss out on something, I am sure you will be compensated by the many other decisions you may make that were not done in such a hurry.

Take your time when selecting business offers. If you can, find out the real people or person behind the adventure that you have an interest in and deal with them if possible. There is a better chance of having issues resolved if any should arise as well as they are more likely to have their support staff being able to assist you.

I do appreciate that the internet has grown exponentially and that there are still plenty of clients around, but I still do not quite understand the continual flogging of lots of programs, all designed to help you sell lots of programs. Look to areas that provide information and that help people in their search for knowledge about a particular subject. If you do not have your own product to sell, seek out programs that offer an income producing component as well as the opportunity to promote the same business to others. It is a far greater recipe for success.

I wish you well.

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