Applying the Secrets of the Obama Campaign Strategy For Success in Your Business (2)


Applying the Secrets of the Obama Campaign Strategy For Success in Your Business (2)

It is no longer a secret that Barak Obama stunned the political world On the 4th of November 2008, by recording the most improbable electoral victory in U.S. history by becoming the first black person to be elected as the President of the United States. This concluding article of a two-part article examines some of the secrets behind that spectacular success and how those secrets can be applied for success in any business, particularly your Christian Based business.

Secret #4: Obama Used Innovative And Creative Ways To Reach The Voters

Obama rewrote political campaign, and campaign funding, history by raising record amounts of money on the internet from an unprecedented number of over 3 million people. Starting from zero funding, Obama got some savvy internet young people together who put together a fund raising and campaign promotion strategy that caught all the experienced political pundits napping. He found new and creative ways to get the youths involved. He used the internet to raise massive amounts of money at virtually no cost. He introduced some new approaches to campaigning that broke the norm. He spread the vote catching field. He challenged, and then breached, the established ‘blue’ and ‘red’ electoral maps.

He created multiple streams of vote getting opportunities with creativity and innovation.

To succeed with your internet business opportunity, you will need to be creative. You cannot afford to do what everybody else is doing the same way they were doing it. As you develop your action plan for your Christian based business, you must ask yourself: “what creative and innovative ways can I use to get my voice heard among millions of other internet businesses out there”. Spectacular successes always go to the innovators and the creative. When you check the story of all the celebrated internet gurus of today, they all burst on the scene with one creative and innovative idea or the other to attract people to their business. You must find your creative edge or run the risk of just being another struggling internet guru ‘wannabe’.

Secrets #5: Obama Used Viral Marketing Strategies To Get His Campaign Message Across The Country Within A Short Time

From the very beginning Barack Obama created a buzz around his campaign by positioning it as a Movement rather than a political campaign. He found ways to generate interest in his candidacy from those who would ordinarily not be interested in politics. He made himself, through word of mouse and word of mouth, into an appealing rock star for the young generation of voters. The structure of his whole campaign and campaign website was designed to be viral. Eventually, once his candidacy became viral, it became unstoppable and all the last minute attacks from McCain could not stop the juggernaut from crushing him on election day.

Barack Obama had the following viral elements integrated into his campaign:

i. He created a very hip Obama Supporters Community page,

ii. He built a list (more appropriately, an army) of volunteers and donor by creating a ‘squeeze’ or ‘opt-in’ page, on every page of his website, that requires you to sign up to be the first to get breaking information about his campaign.

iii. He sent out Auto responder messages everyday to his opt-in list update them on the campaign and subtly ask them to ‘donate’

iv. He created a website for his supporters to network with each other and invited others to join the network. Of course everything linked back to his primary site.

v. He put a ‘search’ capability on his site where people all over the country can speak to each other n exchange campaign ideas,

vi. He had a powerful blog that was updated many times a day and all his TV ads and emails had a link text directing people to this blog.

vii. His people visited lively forums and posted intriguing messages that drove more people to his website and his message.

viii. He created unprecedented buzz and anticipation for his choice of Vice Presidential running mate by asking people to sign up online in order to be the first to receive the news of his choice. This gambit alone got him more than a million new subscribers and donors! McCain never knew what him.

To experience spectacular success with your Christian based business, you must go viral with your internet Christian business opportunity. There are tools and resources online that will help create a buzz and a bevy of people visiting your website. You must master these tricks and come up with a few of your own. When you go viral, buyers will hunt you down with very limited effort on your part. You must create a buzz around you and your brand and provide incentives for people to tell others about you and your internet business opportunity. You must study the pre-launch strategies of masters of the Christian based business game. That was one of the secrets of the stunning Barack Obama success.

Secret #6: Obama Had A Long Range Strategy And Prepared For The Long Haul From Day One

All the political pundits seem to agree that one of the biggest reasons Barack Obama was able to defeat the formidable Clinton political machine during the primaries was that he planned for the long haul. He had long range vision and strategy to run a viable campaign from the beginning to the end.

During the democratic Primaries, Hilary Clinton never had a solid strategy, plan or organization beyond Super Tuesday primary elections. She assumed, based on previous elections that a clear winner would emerge after the Super Tuesday’s primaries when more than 20 states hold their primaries on the same day. Traditionally, the primary elections are essentially decided by the Super Tuesday primaries which often produced a clear candidate. Obama did not take the traditional approach for granted. He prepared and set up organizations to keep the political fight going after Super Tuesday regardless of who the front leader was.

When no clear consensus leader emerged after the Super Tuesday primaries, Hilary Clinton was left panting and scrambling to put an organization together to keep the fight going in the remaining states. By the time she finally got her act and campaign together, Obama had won the next 8 state primaries and created a national momentum that was unstoppable. By the time the Texas and Ohio primaries rolled around, Obama had built an insurmountable lead and the rest, as they say, is history.

To succeed big time with your Christian business opportunity, you must plan to play for the long haul. You must have a plan to keep going even if you do not achieve multiple streams of income in the short term. You must have a plan and mindset to keep going even if the initial promises, and expectations, of instant prosperity does not materialize. That was one of the major secrets of Barack Obama campaign success. Learn from it and prosper.

Secret #7: Barack Obama Out-Campaigned, Out-worked, Out-Hustled And Eventually Outspent His Opponent.

From the get go, Barack Obama was a tireless campaigner. He went to places nobody was campaigning and staked his claim earlier on. He sought out influential opinion leaders (i.e. Oprah, Warren Buffet etc) and got their advice and endorsement very early in the game. He stretched the playing field like never before, and never conceded anything to any of his adversaries both at the primary level and the national campaign. Even his most ardent critics commended his hustle and tireless hard work on the campaign trail.

The stunning Barack Obama victory showed that a great vision is not enough. You must work the dream and the vision tirelessly before you can cross the finish line in first place. He took the fight to his opponents in every facet of the game. He simply out-hustled them for voters, funding and communication. His aggressive fund raising left John McCain panting, frustrated, whining and wondering what happened in an area that was traditionally the forte of Republicans.

Even when Barak Obama was leading in the polls, he never left anything to chance and never relented. He out-hustled and outworked the Republicans in their own much vaunted ground game of turning out people on election day. He even went to McCain’s backyard in Arizona and put his state in play with massive crowd turn-outs!

Regardless of what you might have been told by the gurus, there is no substitute for hard work and hustle if you ever hope to succeed with your Christian based business. You are not likely to make major financial breakthrough by working online for only one hour a day on your computer. Don’t believe the hype that tells you can be a millionaire with any Christian business opportunity by working only one hour a day on your computer. The internet business community is a very serious, professional and competitive one. You will need to work it as a serious business, and with all seriousness, to generate any major income from it.

I hope you will reflect on these secrets of the Barack Obama stunning victory at the polls and learn how to apply those principles to make a success with your specific internet Christian business opportunity.

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