Are You Enjoying the Benefits of Social Bookmarking?


 Are You Enjoying the Benefits of Social Bookmarking?

Today you will find social bookmarking sites as a huge and growing trend. Each and every day they are gaining popularity in leaps and bounds. You will find them a great place to share and learn from. However you will also find them a great source for generating leads for your business.

There are probably hundreds of these social bookmarking sites available today and more being added continuously. Some popular bookmarking sites are Digg,, Facebook, Twitter ,ternetworker etc. You will find each of these sites has its own set of rules and guidelines regarding posting your links and you must follow their rules or you could find yourself banned.

You may find other methods of advertising to get you quicker results but none the less social bookmarking is effective when used properly and consistently. It is a great way to lead traffic to your blog or website that you may not have gotten with other methods.

Social bookmarking sites do not exactly have a stats counter or any real way to keep track of who visits and links to your site but if the particular site allows you to leave a comment, do ask your people to leave a comment on your blog where they found you. There are more and more applications on the internet for keeping track a bit easier and more precise. There are applications out there that will post to all the sites at one time for you.

Social media is rapidly gaining on paid search with Facebook, You-Tube and Twitter leading the pack. Using Facebook, Twitter and You-Tube one can almost do all your marketing online for free without getting into advertising advertising.

Social media is also a great way to meet up with old friends, find relatives and make new friends coming gaining new business connections. Social Media is an important part of my internet business and I can not imagine an online business not using this method today. If you are not involved with Social Media you are missing out on valuable free business.

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