Article Marketing-Backlinks and How to Get Them


Article Marketing-Backlinks and How to Get Them

Article marketing is such a powerful internet marketing exercise, and one of the most important things about it is the linking strategies utilized in article marketing.

So where do these links come from? When you submit an article to a directory you are normally provided with a resource box in which you can write a few personal details, including your website URL, or, if HTML is allowed, an anchor text link to your website or individual web page. Some directories do not provide these resource boxes, but allow you to add a few lines after the article, with the same information.

Links back to a specific web page are more valuable than those leading the reader to your home page since it will be more targeted to the subject of the article than your home page. Although article marketing can be a rich source of highly targeted and motivated visitors, it requires a bit of thought and planning as to where these visitors are sent, and what you do with them when they get there.

At the very least the page they land on must be directly related to the article they found interesting enough to prompt them to find out more by making the click. At best you should either make a sale, or at least persuade them to fill in an opt-in form so that you do not lose touch with them. Visitors are hard enough to get without allowing them to leave your site forever.

The secret of using article marketing to increase your profits is therefore to write well with good literacy, be interesting enough to persuade readers to click on your website link for more information, and once they are on your website, keep them there and make them want to return.

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