Article Marketing Tips – How to Attract Customers Like Magnet to Steel With Articles


 Article Marketing Tips - How to Attract Customers Like Magnet to Steel With Articles

Imagine if you have 100 articles out there on the web, building your credibility and driving traffic to your primary business. Could you make decent money with that? The thing with article marketing is that anyone can do it. The barrier of entry is low, but most people do not stay the course. They submit one or two articles, and go on with their lives. The fact is article marketing is a powerful promotional tool if you consistently work at it.

The process with article marketing is very simple. You write your articles and submit them to article directories. Some people say you should submit your articles to your own blog or website instead. Well, my argument is, why not do both? Submit one version of your article to the article directories and another one to your own website.

The thing about articles is that they attract information seekers. You probably came to this article because you were seeking information. That's the great thing about this form of traffic. Whereas people go to social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook with the mindset to socialize, not necessarily to seek information or buy products. That's why article promotion will never die even with the rise of the social networking fad.

You can also use articles to build back links to your site. As you may know, the more back links your site gets from authority sites, like article directories, the higher your website will rank in the search engines. And the promotion of articles is one powerful way to facilitate the boost in links together with getting direct traffic from them.

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