Blogging For Newbies!


Blogging For Newbies!

Tips on how to blog for real!

1. Create a popular blog!

To make money with blogging, creating a blog is the key point of your success. No traffic means you are doomed to ashes. So make sure your blog is interesting enough to pull a large, perhaps massive crowd to create a large readership, bear in mind that by doing this should be your major concern.

2. AdSense in your blog.

Time to profit from your handywork. The best way to monetize your piece of work is by putting AdSense in a sense that you should already know; advertising! Technically, AdSense is a cost per click advertising program, means if there is a visitor click the ads in your blog then you’ll get paid, simple!

3. Affiliate marketing.

Looking for another way around besides the previous tips? Yes there is, affiliate marketing for you! If you can find a product that is relevant with the topic on your blog, here’s your chance to do so. Make sure it is relevant with your blog, remember, if the visitor clicked the affiliate link and then buy it, you’re such a lucky person that day!

4. Review products.

Sounds easy, you can do a review about a product but please be careful as you need to be honest. Skip this part if you are not. Basically some bloggers do not participate in any paid reviews and product inclusion because it can be misleading if you didn’t state that you are paid for it. If you do it without disclosing that you are paid for it so better off of it. Else if you think the product is worth mentioning, then it is a good idea to share the product with your readers.

5. Join a blogging network.

If you are new in this area, you should consider by joining a network. There are paid and free memberships, up to you. By doing this, you can increase your blogs popularity, at the same in crease the traffic volume, remember; more traffic, more possibilities, more $$$.

6. Create a news letter.

If you have a successful blog with a large readership, consider on the idea about branching out with a newsletter or email campaign. Well you have to work extra on this. If your reader is such a die hard of your blogs, you can profit by giving them an interesting opt in newsletter or email campaign. The list will be very helpful if you went on a marketing campaign. Readers expect values so add it in your blog to make sure they subscribe. Be caution as nobody even me like unsolicited emails and be sure you have the permission to do so.

7. Create your own product.

People are willing to buy a product if they are willing to do so. If your blog is glamorous, consider making a merchandise to sell. No need for super popular product or merchandise, but just something that is relevant to your blog and make sure your audience will be interested with the merchandise you create and ready to make some cash!

8. Donations.

You can ask for donation for a cause but this method is not for everyone. If your blog provides the info especially if the info is not readily for free, surely readers are not hesitate to donate. If your blog is not close to any kind of profiting activities such affiliate marketing, advertising then its fine to do so such as an opinion based blog. Your time is valuable, well unless you are happy to simply to talk about your hobby and not get paid, you need to start somewhere.

9. Picking the best cash generator.

Every blog is different. Such factors like your objective are the major cause to take into consideration when it comes to make money on your blog. You should focus on how to make a wonderful blog to attract readers. Don’t lose sight of the reason why people read your blog, it is not to be marketed or see more ads. The best way to do is find the right way to profit and don’t give up!

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