Blogging to the Bank – 3 Steps to Optimize Your Blog


 Blogging to the Bank - 3 Steps to Optimize Your Blog

The blogging world these days keeps growing bigger and bigger before our eyes. Many people are tapping into the power that blogs have and are starting to make their own. The thing is though that many bloggers that are beginners tend to fail because they stop blogging out of frustration of not getting it right the first time. Blogging is an easy thing to do, but it is actually getting your blog to convert which is the hardest.

Today, I would like to go over some things that can help you out with the conversion of your blog, so you can make more money from it.

1. Content of Blog

You must have fresh unique content coming to your blog everyday. You pretty much want all unique content as you are trying to out beat other websites. A blog should only be about one topic and one topic only so you will not confuse your reader as to what your point is.

You can be opinionated in your blog and you can write your posts as if you are having a conversation with your visitors. Getting on a one on one with your visitors will make them want to read more about your content.

2. Design of the Blog

Now, your blog does not have to look fancy or anything, but it is good to make it look clean and organized. Some people think that your blog has to stand out from others. In my opinion I have some blogs that look like other people's blogs, but my content is much more informative then their.

A blog design should be easy to read and easy to navigate through. Blogger has many different templates you can choose to get your blog designed in a nice manner.

3. Traffic

Now, in order for people to even know that your blog exists, you must send traffic to it. There are people out there that have the nicest blogs that are very useful to read. But, they never end up sending traffic to it thinking that posting is enough. It is not; in fact you must send traffic to it daily at first to get the search engines to rank you. Once you get ranked in the search engines then you can slow down with manually sending traffic to it.

So, there are the top 3 things you should keep in mind when blogging. Although it may seem to be frustrating at first, you will eventually understand it.

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