Common Internet Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


 Common Internet Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Our generation loves playing on the Internet every day. It gives us the opportunity to reach hungry and thirsty markets that are always ready to interact with their favorite restaurants. With all this time spent on the Internet, we see a lot of common mistakes that other restaurants and businesses accidently commit that can easily be avoided with a few helpful tips.

Here are some helpful tips to avoid some common Internet Marketing pitfalls:

Mistake # 1 – Mixed messages. We've seen businesses have different looks, images, and messages in different different Internet outlets. It's important to make sure that your messaging and branding is consistent throughout all of these outlets.

Customers see your restaurant in several places near your website. They see you on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, and several other Internet channels.

Mistake # 2- No purpose. Blind posting, plain messaging on websites ,activity, all lead up to no results. All activity on the Internet is no different than any marketing activity. There must be a purpose, a goal, and an end result.

Mistake # 3- Forgetting about the people. Remember, behind every computer screen, there is a person. When you manage your online marketing, think, what would capture my attention as a consumer? What kind of approach would you be most receptive to?

Mistake # 4 – Not using website analytics. In order to tell what works and what does not, you need to analyze your website traffic along with monitoring and measuring your marketing efforts. By monitoring your website performance you will learn what needs to be improved, which parts of your website are more popular and which pages convert customers best. Consequently, you can concentrate on the marketing tactics that are giving you the best return on investment.

Mistake # 5 – Giving up too early . Be patient! Internet marketing takes time and there is no way around that. If you do things properly, you'll definitely start to notice your business benefiting from Internet marketing.

Mistake # 6 – Facebook abuse and overuse . Facebook is one of the most popular and easy ways to communicate with your fans, but it can also be dangerous. Unplanned and mismanaged social media can lead to brand disassociation and bottom line annoyance. Do not abuse the ability to communicate with your fans by over posting and constant self-promotion.

It's true. Internet marketing has gone a long way. Do you remember those banner ads that would flash on the tops and sides of your screen, obnoxiously telling you you'd win a free laptop if you catch the little ant on the banner? Thankfully, these are becoming less and less common, and we continue to learn the do's and don'ts of ever-growing technology. Successful online presence starts with a good understanding of today's trends, online etiquette, and people. Word of mouth continues to be the most effective kind of advertising today, and really, social media is just a digital version of that. This is why we need to be careful in managing our businesses' online presence.

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