Developing Interpersonal Relationships Through Social Networking Sites


 Developing Interpersonal Relationships Through Social Networking Sites

We have been living under the pretense that technology will be able to make our lives better when in fact, technology has deprived us of interpersonal relationships. Communication with people in real time have been known to boost life expectancy and with that, it is important that you talk to someone in person every day of the week.

What you need to do is to get a closer relationship from someone and the best way to do this is to go out on a date or even share dinner together. Take your partner out for a Friday night dinner every week and share moments together.

Take the time to sort out all of your relationships with other people and remove those that are not beneficial to you. It will only sap the energy out of you and will make your life miserable. It is time to narrow down your friend's list.

Get in touch with your spirituality. Head back to church and see if there are people you missed talking to. Even if you are not religious, sitting an hour at the church listening to big words is enough to help you reconnect with other people and to yourself.

Technology can still be used to reconnect to people on a daily basis. There are different applications and programs that help us rekindle our lost relationship with our parents who are living on the other side of the world. For those working abroad, the internet has proven to be a useful tool to close the gap of communication.

It is time that you say sorry to people what you have done wrong in the past and start a fresh new relationship with them. It may prove to be difficult but the rewards are satisfactory. You can get more from that experience than you do at the office.

Have a plan to connect with your officemates every now and then. If you find yourself lost in a world where you do not even know anyone inside the office, take the initiative to bring them all together through activities that you feel might put them in a light mood.

Talk to older people. Older people have more experience in life and it can be valuable for you. You can either visit some park where they usually flock and you will be surprised at how much they have gone through in life.

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