Don’t Quit Your Day Job Just Yet Internet Marketers


Don't Quit Your Day Job Just Yet Internet Marketers

Many people hear about Internet Marketing and assume as soon as they get started they’ll be able to quit their jobs and make six figures from home with ease. As we all know, this is not the case. It takes time and mastery to get to this level especially in the beginning so if Internet Marketing is going to be your only source of income I don’t suggest quitting your job just yet. it will be a rough start for you and the truth is, you might just end up in debt before you even make your first dollar online.

I don’t recommend for people to quit their jobs until they have found a sure way to consistently make at least the same amount of money online as they were making working a job. It takes months to start making good money from the internet and during these months you do not want to not have another source of income coming in as back up. Don’t get me wrong though, there are situations where it might be best for you to quit your job and focus on your Online business but be realistic with yourself before making this decision. If you do decide to quit your job make sure that you have a realistic plan and that you will be more than 100% committed to making your business grow and produce steady income for you. Many people quit their jobs and then they get stuck at the “now what?” phase.

My advice is to keep your job in the beginning and invest at least 10 – 20% of your paychecks into your online business. This way you will have some start-up money for your business that you can spend on advertising and building yourself a list, which I believe to be is a very important asset for all online businesses.

You can use the investment money that you save up from your paychecks and purchase Solo Ads and do Facebook PPC to drive targeted traffic to your sites. Another thing that you can do with this is pay for a Virtual Assistant and outsource some of your work to make things easier for you and allow you to focus more on the most important aspects of your business.

As you start to save up more and more and invest more into it, your returns on the investment will grow and if you are consistent, you will reach a point where you start to make more money online than you do at your job and then you can finally quit.

Dont rush things. Be realistic with yourself and the progress you are making and make smart decisions.

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