Finding Contacts With Social Networking


 Finding Contacts With Social Networking

Social networking has allowed me to reconnect with both high school and college friends I have not seen in 20 years! Even though we are now all over the country we can still share each other's life experiences. I enjoy seeing pictures of them and their families, and hearing about special events that are happening in their lives. We can laugh about funny times we have shared together, and it is easy to keep up with any events that are planned such as reunions or casual get-togethers. I also love that I can share information about my life with my friends without the entire world being able to view it. I can choose who is able to view my information and photos.

I am able to fill out a section on my profile with as many or as little details about my life as I wish. I can include personal status and employment history. I can list whenever I am looking to network with friends and coworkers, or looking for romance. There are many ways you can search for people. You can search by entering their name, age, email address, or location in which they live or have lived. You can also enter the high school or college they attended. You can search a person by their job title, or the name of the company for which they work. Once you have registered with the site you can invite people to stay connected with you. Once you become contacts you can begin reading their profiles and viewing their photos. You can even build your family tree! You can enter your parents' names, and the system will search for your relatives.

There are also many groups you can join that keep you up to date with your interests and hobbies. These groups vary from your high school and college alumni groups to television shows and sports teams. Once you become a member of a group you will receive updates with the latest news. Staying connected with friends and family is that easy!

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