How Businesses Can Use Social Media


 How Businesses Can Use Social Media

Our methods of communication have changed by leaps and bounds over the past hundred years. We've gone from handwritten letters to telegraph messages to phone calls to emails. Now, we do not even have to have direct communication to share our lives with our friends. Social media has provided us with a phenomenon that looks like it is here to stay.

While many traditional people feel as though social networking is a thing for teenagers, this is simply not true. Social networking sites claim adults, politicians, and even businesses as their members. Not only can you stay in touch with your acquaints, but it is also a great way to communicate with groups and also have an instant chat connection.

The three main sites for social media are MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. Here, we'll focus mostly on the last two because MySpace and Facebook are extremely similar in the features that they provide. First, Facebook allows you to create a profile that outlines everything from your favorite movies to your contact information. It also gives you a place to upload your photos so that your friends can see what you are up to.

Facebook is not just a site for personal use. Politicians, musicians, and even businesses are all jumping onto the social media bandwagon. A great feature of Facebook is that it allows people with personal sites to "fan" companies or well-known figures. For example, a person with a singular profile may decide to become a fan of Barack Obama. People who visit this person's site can see that he or she likes Obama. They may click to his site, and even become his fan as well. Thus, information can be quickly spread. It's almost like you have free advertising on a person's page.

In addition to making a Facebook page that other people can become fans of, a business can also make a Twitter account. Twitter allows you to post quick status updates and pictures. Similar to Facebook, people can follow others' Twitter feeds. For businesses, the person in charge of the social media can "tweet" about what is going on at the company. This may include special deals, promotional events, or even new stores opening. Additionally, the corporation can post pictures showing a brand-new store or happy customers picking out their promotional item.

If you do not have the time or resources to create a social networking site for your business, you should consider upgrading your website to having a live chat service. With this, a live chat company uploads a script to your page that shows up as an instant message when someone visits the website. This offers immediate customer service and attention, which translates to an efficient business front.

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