How I Use Articles to Boost My Search Engine Rankings


 How I Use Articles to Boost My Search Engine Rankings

We've all heard it before. You've probably done it. Submit articles and you will get search engine rankings. Does it work?

Sometimes it is hard to know if something works, if you are doing many things that can affect your results. For example, on my first web site, I did everything. I submitted my site to search engines, I posted to forums, I submitted articles, I ran pay-per-click ads (which, incidentally, I believe boosts your linking power), and just about anything else to get traffic. And that site very shortly made it to number one for a very targeted keyword and in the top ten for others.

My next site was a joint venture, and the only search engine work I have done is a few search engine submissions and a lot of articles. And that site is in the top ten for several versions, on both the top search engines.

I have recently begun a new project, where the ONLY method of search engine work I am doing is writing articles. Folks, my new site was indexed by Google in 3 days! It was indexed in Yahoo a few days later, and is currently climbing the chart for one targeted phrase.

So what do I do?

1) I write articles. It takes discipline. Sometimes I write for a couple of hours. And when you are writing many topics it is hard to keep coming up with fresh information. And you want to keep to the basics too. So you must have the discipline to just keep doing it.

2) I submit my articles primarily to sites that have RSS feeds. My personal opinion is that if a lot of web sites are subscribed to get my article, then it will spread faster.

3) I include my link at the end of each article (I know you do not need that info, but just in case)

4) I track the responses from article to directory. I use identifying URLs in my bio, so that I can see which directories are creating the most traffic for me.

5) This is a no-brainer, but I think it is overlooked: If you are just writing for the links, you can write lousily, I guess. But if you want to get clicks (and I do get a lot of clicks) you must write informally and with passion. If you are going to put your name on it, it might as well be something you are proud of.

OK, that's how I do it. Give it a try. And do not just submit one. Submit 20 or 40 or 60. Take massive action and get massive results.

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