How Is Blogging Different From Article Marketing? (And the 1 Thing I Do To I Improve Them Both!)


 How Is Blogging Different From Article Marketing? (And the 1 Thing I Do To I Improve Them Both!)

Is blogging the same thing as article marketing? If not ….. how do they differ? And which one is a BETTER way to build a loyal readership, and build my business …. and my BRAND?

Sound familiar?

Learning to distinguish the key differences between writing articles for syndication, and creating content for a BLOG is one of the more common "head scratchers" I see lots of newbies, and aspiring online marketers struggle with.

Here is SPECIFICALLY where they are similar, and conversely, where they are completely separate strategies as well:

1. On the most simple level, article marketing, as defined in my own business, is the content that is created to be syndicated OFF of my site, via the high volume article directories. (probably very similar to where you are reading THIS article, right now)

2 – Blog marketing, or creating content for a blog, are the articles that you post on JUST your site, and are generally more personal in nature, and a bit more intimate, in terms of the information and the level of detail I'll share.


Because supposedly, if you've set up your blog properly, and are actively building your brand, most of the folks who end up your blog know a little bit about you already. They may be on your list, they may subscribe to your RSS feed, or they may know you, or have been referred to you via the social networks, or friends you have in common.

Article marketing is a more "search engine" friendly strategy, as you are leveraging the trust that the content directories get from the major search engines, and are simply trying to to "borrow" some of their visitors and bringing them over to your site, service or offer. (or in this case, your blog)

The KEY is, to create a complimentary strategy for leveraging BOTH sources of traffic, in a way that creates one community of friends, fans, readers and clients.

I do this by writing articles that are designed to build a LIST. And once people join my list, I introduce them to my BLOG, which is designed to share deeper, more detailed and more intimate ideas about me, my business and my ethos. I also of course, use my blog to build a list as well .. 🙂 And occasionally, I'll send my BLOG readers to my articles as well, just to give them more information about my thinking, as well as add to my content, my credibility and the continuity of my community as well.

The good news is, if you are actively building a list with BOTH strategies ….

So TOO can you!

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