How to Be an Internet Marketing "Action Hero" by Watching the Matrix


 How to Be an Internet Marketing "Action Hero" by Watching the Matrix

Some of the world's best marketing geniuses (like Eugene Schwartz and David Ogilvy) were heavily influenced by the movie industry. And, in Schwartz's case, watching all the highest grossing flicks at the box office was mandatory. (He once said every serious marketer should watch every movie that comes out that grosses more than $ 100 million per year). Another marketer (more contemporary) who has been affected by movies is Internet marketer David Bullock.

Now, I do not (yet) own any of his products.

And I've never met the man.

But I once heard an interview he did with Glenn Livingston. And during this interview he said something about a specific movie that's had a HUGE impact on my business ever since.

What did he say?

He said he watches the movie "The Matrx" once per month … and gets ideas for his testing and Internet business every time he watches it.

Interesting, is not it? One example he cave is about the character Morpheus in the movie. And how Morpheus was talking to Neo (another character in the movie) about when you're in a situation where there are rules (such as in marketing, testing, software, copywriting, etc) you can bend them depending on your thinking and your belief in yourself that you CAN bend them successfully.

That opened my mind in ways no other book or course ever had.

And it completely changed the way I market and write ads.

So anyway, the message is clear:

Movies can be awesome "marketing fodder."

Watch them, enjoy them and, yes, profit from them.

Watch This!
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