How to Build Back Link


How to Build Back Link

I started my directory three months ago. But my first question was how to market the site to attract visitors to my site, who could be turn to a possibly good customers. First it was very tough to get targeted visitors to your site and then to capitalize on them is can be tough.

How to start

My first priority was to have a good back link for my site. But then my question was to where to get the back link and that too free of cost, because I can’t spend too much on marketing plan alone. I have some other projects also.

First Step

Enroll in good webmaster forums which will be a good guide in becoming a good webmaster. There you will come to know the niches of internet marketing and your most of problems can also be solved through forums. Signature in forums plays a very important role in building backlinks for the site, but do check with the rules and regulations of the forum, because most of the forums allows signature only after certain no. of posts.

Second Step

Get a list of free directory where you can submit your site free of cost. One such list is available with, info.vilesilencer, digitalpoint and various other sites. There are other sites also from where you can get a good list of directories. For this do a Google search.

Third Step

Submit you site to as much site as possible. Don’t look for the quality of the site, because your site is also new. Use proper titling, keywords, description for you site. And don’t expect a booming traffic from directories, because directories are only for back linking, not for targeted getting traffic.

I hope this article help you to understand the basic of web marketing. In my coming articles I will try to explain the above the points in details. See you again here.

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