How to Choose Reliable Link Building Service


How to Choose Reliable Link Building Service

If you want to increase traffic to your website, you need to conduct good search engine optimization (SEO) practices. One of the most commonly practiced SEO methods is link building, which is the process of creating backlinks aimed at your website to get high SERP ranking. If you want to use a link building service, you surely do not want to end up hiring an unreliable one. If you have not used a link building service before, you might want to follow the five tips given below:

1. Get recommendations from people you trust (of course, the ones who have used the service before). Alternatively, if you are a member of an online SEO forum or community, you can always ask the other members for tips and suggestions. Keep in mind that some recommendations or reviews can be misleading, so you have to be extra careful.

2. Take your consideration into account. Instead of hiring a particular link building service on a whim, you should consider the pros and cons of that company. You should trust your intuition and weigh the advantages as well as the disadvantages prior to hiring a paid service provider.

3. Compare the different services offered various providers. Find out whether they offer replacement guarantee for the backlinks they acquire. As the website owner, you want the links to stay for several weeks or even months. But for better search engine indexing, some of the links may get deleted after a short period of time. A good provider should offer replacement guarantee should your links are deleted within a certain period of time. On the other hand, you should avoid services which promise very low prices, #1 SERP rank in no time, or lifetime maintenance guarantee, because they might just be scams.

4. Find out how long a service provider’s domain has been registered for. You can do this by using free tools on the internet such as Web Diagnostic. Usually, sketchy sites are only registered about one or two years since they do not want people to find out about their bad track record. You should choose the one that has been registered for at least three years.

5. Find out how reliable the customer service is. Contact your potential candidates via email and see how long it takes for them to respond your questions. A good link building service provider should not keep you waiting for more than 24 hours just to answer a simple question.

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