How to Get Numerous Hits on YouTube


How to Get Numerous Hits on YouTube

OK, you have now created your video and uploaded it to YouTube. Now what? Now you have to figure out how to get numerous hits on YouTube. This means that you have to get people interested enough to click on and look at your video. The questions that you have about how to get numerous hits on YouTube, have really simple answers.

The first step in figuring out how to get numerous hits on YouTube, is to make sure that the title of your video is catching the attention of the people that are just surfing through. People are looking for catch words, or looking for the not so common things that are out here. Words such as Exclusive, Secret, Rare, Limited, etc., will pique people curiosity a whole lot quicker than just a plain and simple title. People want “breaking news”, or the “inside scoop”. Play around with your title to ensure that it is exciting. Make sure that you also include two to three keywords in your title as well. Do not make your title too long, because it will not hold the average persons attention.

The second step to figure out how to get numerous hits on YouTube, is to create a great video description. Make sure that your description describes your video and you can also create a link to your video. Avoid spam in your description, or you will lose people, keep it short and descriptive.

The final step on how to get numerous hits on YouTube is to choose the right thumbnails. These should be a simple snapshot approximately half way through your video. This should adequately represent your video without being complex. People will not take the time to figure out complex scenarios.

There are others things as well that will translate to getting the maximum number of hits on YouTube, producing good quality videos will help to increase your number of hits. When people see a good quality video that they like they are more likely to share it or pass it on to friends. Keep you videos short. People attention spans usually are not going to continue to watch videos that are five minutes long.

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