How to Get Traffic to Your Website


 How to Get Traffic to Your Website

So you have a website, but are you getting any traffic? If you think that just having a website published on the internet is enough for customers to find you, you may be in for a nasty shock! Unless you have an extremely niche product or service, you are competing against millions of websites offering the same thing. There are several ways to promote your website in order to get traffic and rarely sell your products or services:

  1. Optimise your website so that it gets found in the natural search engine results. Most potential customers do not get further than the first page of results, so that is what you are aiming for.
  2. Consider paying for adverts on Google and / or Yahoo. Do monitor your results to see if the adverts are cost effective. You do not want to be paying more for adverts than you receive in sales. You can add a tracking code to your advert to monitor traffic coming from different adverts.
  3. Get listed on relevant directories. There are many shopping directories on the internet which offer free listings. Most of these require a reciprocal link from your website.
  4. Contact websites offering similar products or services and exchange links. Many websites have a Links page, with a form to automatically submit your link. You will probably need to add their link to your website before they will approve your link. Some websites will only accept links with websites who have achieved a certain Google Page Rank. Read any terms and conditions before you waste time submitting a link request which may be returned.
  5. Write articles and submit them to websites which specialize in publishing articles, with a link to your website in the author bio. This will get you a one-way link back to your website, which is considered to be more beneficial than exporting links. You may find that other websites copy your article with the author bio, so you can get several one-way links from one article, but this can be temporary as many websites change their pages regularly to show new articles.
  6. If you have a profile on Yahoo or MSN for their email / messenger services, you can add a website link to that and create a back link that way.
  7. Consider paying to advertise your products / services in newspapers and magazines, with a link to your website. If it is a new business or product, you may get some free editorial space with a website link.
  8. Create a blog and add to it regularly.
  9. If you use a product or service on another website, and they publish customer reviews with website links, then go ahead and submit your own review.
  10. Get business cards printed with your website address on, and hand them out whenever you get the chance!

If you have a new website, it will take time to build links and get listed on the various search engines. Optimizing your website can be a slow process, but it is rewarding to see a steady increase in visitors, and watching your keyword search results getting higher up in the natural results on the major search engines. It will not happen overnight, but there is no reason why you can not achieve first page results.

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