How to Increase the Ranking of Your Websites Through Videos


How to Increase the Ranking of Your Websites Through Videos

For many website owners, it is crucial to have their sites listed on the first page of SERPs. In 2010, the challenges that SEOs are faced with; is how to generate traffic with the help of videos. Let’s face it, content articles and other sorts of news information has been there from quite a long time and now what the web surfers require something new; and videos are the newest thing in the SEO market; this is also known as Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO). Till today the video exposure was not concentrated on; but with the advancement of technology and complete upgrading of services; it is high time that web designing is carried out in a much effective manner.

YouTube link is the best way to carry out the VSEO tactics. You just have to post your video there and in the end attach a link to it which redirects users to your website; it works in the same way as an article on an article directory. Also, if you connect to users by uploading these videos on social networking sites like Facebook and Friendster; you will assuredly get additional traffic. Also, there is so much of traffic on these video sites that it will assuredly get you potential clients.

Also, do not put up videos blindly. You do require a final edition on every article that is posted, similarly for every video you have to edit it according to the way in which it is displayed on various websites. Like, in YouTube, they place a thumbnail of your video alongside your link; also this is an image which will reflect the middle portion of the content. So edit your video in a way that the thumbnail looks attractive and the users are compelled to click on it. Rules are different on various other sites so just be sure about those. Some of the sites, just put up the first image on your video as the thumbnail, so in this case, you have to get that right.

If you are counting on search engines like Google, then bear in mind that spiders do not analyze video’s, so you would have to put a small write up, something around 20-25 words which will reflect the contents of your video. Make sure to target the keywords and manage the text accordingly, you could even apply tags which will work in your favor and gather more traffic for your site.

Next, with the onset of social networking, sharing is the main stuff. So if you can also make these videos readily available as a sharing option and also for those who would like to upload them on their blogs. This way you can receive more exposure on the internet and backlinks have always worked out well for the SEO’s and websites, so in all you should sail through if proper SEO and VSEO tactics are applied.

2010, is sure to witness a splurge or VSEO tactics applied to the modern day web designing.

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