Internet Marketing: A Simple Guide for Better Conversion


 Internet Marketing: A Simple Guide for Better Conversion

So, you've managed to send massive traffic to your website. Does that mean you're guaranteed strong sales and profit? Well, the answer is no … at least not yet. You still need to convert your traffic to sales and the road can get bumpy unless you follow this guide:

First step is simple … do not give your visitors a hard time accessing every part of your website. Although this sounds pretty simple, a lot of businesses fail to do this and they make the whole process a lot complicated. Tell you what; your visitors will not be happy with overly complicated web designs. What they want is to get the information they need as hassle-free as possible. So, just give it to them and benefit in the end.

Be honest. People will appreciate you more if you're upfront and honest. For example, if they ask a question and you do not have the answer, tell them straight up and do not make excuses. Instead of making up something, tell them that you do not have the answer at the moment but you'll look into it and you'll get back to them as soon as possible. Doing this will not keep you from approaching their trust in fact, they're going to salute you for doing so.

Be accommodating. I always tell my clients to add chat features on their website and blog. Why? It's because it can boost your conversion rate by up to 50%. People appreciate it when someone is always there to answer their questions. Be sure to be friendly and accommodating all the time or at least, properly train your customer service representatives. Each time a prospect ask something, treat that as an opportunity to properly educate them about your products and in the end, convince them to make a purchase.

Give your prospects ample reasons to trust you. A lot of people are still not 100% comfortable buying something online. That's why they ensure that they only give their credit card information to people that they can trust. Help these people find you trustworthy. Start by making your website look and sound professional. You must have SSL certificate, a phone number that these people can call before they make a purchase, and a physical address included in your "About Us" page. Posting real testimonials from your most satisfied customers would also help.

Offer different payment options. Make it easier for your prospects to pay you. Using PayPal and Google check out would help. Giving them as many options as possible will give you better chances of closing lots of sales.

Always communicate the benefits, features, and unique selling preposition of your products and services. People would want to know what they're paying for. They want to know that your offers are worth every penny. So, never fail to tell them how the features of your products can benefit them. Also, always highlight the things that make your offerings stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, this is exactly what you need to convert visitors to paying customers.

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