Internet Marketing Gurus Expose Themselves!


Internet Marketing Gurus Expose Themselves!

That would be a doozy for CNN! To clear things up, they didn’t expose themselves willingly. I’m guessing they aren’t too happy about it either.

For those of you with an interest in internet marketing, the secrets of the gurus is a titillating subject. Who wouldn’t like to watch over their shoulders to see how they make their 6-figure incomes?

You subscribe to the newsletters. Buy their products. Work hard to create your own internet marketing business. Some give up in total frustration. Others stick with it and have a degree of success. But…you know you could do better. If only you had more information.

Do you ever get bogged down in product launches? The latest and greatest! Every guru promoting the same product. You feel as if by not making the purchase, your chances of having a successful home based business are kaput. Out comes the credit card.

You may be lucky and find a few gems. Or you may fall for the hype and end up with regurgitated information and software.

Let’s think about something…do you believe the ONLY products your favorite internet marketers have in their stables are based on “how to make money online”? NO! They were doing something else before they could write about making money online!

Every guru had their secret niches. They still do. And, those niches are money magnets that attract 6-figure incomes all day and night. You may not have ever run across these web sites. Most of them fly under the radar.

So how in the world does one find out what goes on behind closed doors? Simple. Just ask one who has been behind the doors. Working with your favorite guru. Even better yet. How about bending the ear of the person who actually created the very products and advertising for the successful internet marketers?

That’s right! Meet Tiffany Dow! For 6 years she labored as “Ghostwriter to the Internet Marketing Stars”! Then one lucky day for the rest of us, Tiffany had a wake-up call. “If I’m already creating successful niche marketing ebooks and making others rich…why am I not doing it for myself?”

Good call, Tiff! And the creation became known as “Building An eBook Empire”. She flings the curtains back and goes way beyond what others are willing or too afraid to say.

With Tiffany Dow as your teacher, you will have exactly what the gurus had to build their internet marketing business. Because not only was she watching and learning from the biggest names in the business–she was creating and writing the products for them!

Can you think of anyone else you would trust to learn the skills needed to finally find success for yourself?

(c) 2007 Karen Cook

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