Internet Marketing – If at First You Do not Succeed Try, Try Again!


 Internet Marketing - If at First You Do not Succeed Try, Try Again!

Dear Internet Marketers,

As you know, internet marketing can make you money, but can be very expensive if not frustrating if you go about it the wrong way.

To help you avoid this, I will give you some examples from my own experience that highlight the above. You will learn to avoid this, but most importantly, keep persevering until you are a success.

So let's begin. In 2006, I made some money by advertising some Clickbank products using Google AdWords. At first, everything went well. I spent several hours tweaking ad campaigns until they ranked high in position. I was over the moon on waking up each morning to find 2-3 sales a day. By the end of 3 weeks, I'd made £ 500. Was this looking good!

So I went for it – racking up my daily budget to £ 50 a day to make even more money. Well, as luck would have it, that very day, the company I was promoting was dropped from Clickbank marketplace (along with a few other companies) and I received a beautiful bill to the tune of £ 200 from Adwords.

So, as Snaglepuss would say I exited 'Stage Right' and continued with my life feeling disappointed and burned.

However, I could not get Internet Marketing and it's money pulling potential out of my mind. Fast forward 2 years – during conversation with a student college from Latvia, Russia, I explained that to make it in London, you had to work smart so as to have the time to study at invest time in Music that she loved. The best way to do that was not work 9-5 as a waitress, but as an internet marketer.

This motivated her a lot and she was very keen to know how to get started – so I set up an AdWord campaign using some companies from Clickbank. This time, a low budget was used. We made a sale in 2 days and were both happy. However, I was now looking at Business Opportunities ranging from $ 500-2000 as the joining fee.

These were businesses that sold downloadable digital products which you could resell. There was residual income involved from the new customers introduced and even plenty of training involved.

It's alright trying your hand at internet marketing yourself, but even easier if someone has been there before you and trains you to succeed. However, what I did not understand that it is very important to sign up under someone who is going to mentor you and help you make those first few sales to get you up and running.

You see, my mentor was kind enough to put up a nice website for me that promoted the business, but due to the time difference between our countries, it took 2-3 days to answer my emails. He finally left the company and so did I.

Several months later, I was looking to join another business opportunity and saving towards the joining fee. However, with a new addition to our family, saving was slow going. Fortunately, the mentor I was going to sign up with mentioned a low investment business opportunity for those who did not have the $ 2000 to join the business.

What makes a good mentor? Someone who will be available to answer any questions you may have on getting started. Someone who cares about your success more than grabbing money from your pockets. Yes, it may take some research as to who is who as there are so many people on the internet. But if you do your research, you will be able to get a good feel as to reputable business opportunities. Anything they explain should be easy for a newbie to understand, even if they are a veteran marketer.

The mentor should be honest, friendly and not into hype. The fact that they want to help you succeed should stand out in their communication with you. Once this happens, you will feel like you are in good hands, and when the going gets tough – you will have a stand-by cheerleader (your mentor) encouraging you to make it.

In today's economy and job losses, it would be easy to get desperate. Take a deep breath and take your time – the good people are still out there – and if you focus on finding them, you will meet them and let them guide you the right way to making money at home.

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