Internet Marketing Revealed – How Has Internet Marketing Changed and How Will it Affect You?


 Internet Marketing Revealed - How Has Internet Marketing Changed and How Will it Affect You?

The world, in which marketing works, has changed. New channels and technologies transform media, through which marketing effects the consumer. The virtual worlds give new significance to concept of marketing "place". Joint projects, for example, the open software and Wikipedia transform the consumer to the co-author. New technologies transformed mass media in more customized, having made unpredictable feedback from the traditional advertising.

All this has led to the occurrence of new breed of consumers. They expect, that companies will provide them with customization (or will will make it mine), will create communities (will allow me to be a part of them) and will supply people with search and tools for decision-making. The era of the passive consumer has sunk into the past.

Such shift in attitudes between consumers and the companies is the most fundamental change in the history of marketing, much more dramatic, than refusal from "product's orientations" in favor of "orientations to the market". And whether marketing researches and practice varied together with change of environment? The most part of marketing efforts of all companies today is focused to the developed world, instead of developing where the huge quantity of new opportunities is hidden.

In the new world marketing should play more significant role in the company, to be not just "one more division", but also the key. Whichever marketing is ready to such state of affairs? Whether it is ready to cooperate more closely with the finance, management and other spheres in the company, or it still remains the separate, isolated discipline?

The last century marketing was exact. Tools have lifted the level of accuracy and have led to understanding of the fact, that marketing can bring its contribution to the development of the company. But today the market challenges and it is necessary to refuse the use of old tools, which are focused to the decision of problems of the past, and to search new, which will help to solve problems of the future and the present.

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