Just How Effective An Internet Marketer Is Jeff Johnson?


Just How Effective An Internet Marketer Is Jeff Johnson?

Jeff Johnson is one of the top names in SEO marketing strategies. He is most well known for his unique and highly sought after WordPress traffic-getting plug-in. His name was not well known during his first couple of years of his success, however 7 years on and it can be safely said that he is a highly respected internet marketer in his own right. He was quite content to earn a 6 figure income from his online business and keep quiet about it. However, at some point, he decided he could help others by sharing some tips and strategies on his secrets to success. John Reese did a Traffic Secrets seminar in which he introduced Jeff to the world at large for the first time. During the seminar Jeff shared many new concepts that had a huge impact on many people. Jeff now offers this type of training in greater detail on his membership website called Underground Training Lab. Have you heard of Underground Training Lab?

Jeff Johnson is widely known for his “out of the box” thinking on SEO strategies. When many strategies were becoming over used and outdated, Jeff offered some different ways of thinking that really work for people. Marketers everywhere have been pleasantly surprised to find how well his uncommon ideas work. Jeff was the first marketer to bring the blog and ping technique to the spot light in the SEO world. While he has indicated this idea was not originally his, the credit goes to him for calling attention to it. This strategy is a way to get your sites indexed much quicker than they normally would by simply setting up announcements on blog updates to the servers. Have you used this technique?

Jeff Johnson is widely known and respected in the SEO and Internet Marketing world. Perhaps one of his most notable contributions was his idea about feeder sites. Here he teaches how to set up different sites as feeder sites and money sites and shows how to get the feeder sites to link into the money sites. The key to this strategy is the idea of protecting your money sites in several different ways from scrutiny, while still getting lots of traffic and links directing to them from the feeder sites. Where do you get your traffic?

The numerous ways Jeff Johnson has introduced to build traffic and create solid income streams have been a very refreshing change to the thinking of many internet marketers. He’s taught methods of linking multiple sites together to benefit from the back links, all the while protecting the money sites from the scrutiny of the major search engines. He’s taught very aggressive strategies for promoting sites. He’s also made quite a bit of information available about the best ways to research keywords and build sites.

How many times have you tried to do things differently, only to find that you could have saved yourself a lot of time and frustration by just doing what a successful person has done?

In short, Jeff is a highly respected person in the SEO world. He is well known for his change in the standard thinking and for his many contributions to helping people get over the hump and make a strong living online. While his strategies can often be technical, it is well worth the study it will take to follow his ideas. Any seasoned marketer can benefit from all the information this effective internet marketer Jeff Johnson has made available to the SEO industry in the last few years.

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