Keys to Successful Business Enterprises


 Keys to Successful Business Enterprises

This is by no means exhaustive– but it certainly has some of the key elements that one needs to succeed in business and Humboldt County or anywhere else for that matter …

1. Advertise. — Advertising is the key to letting people know that you are having a party and giving them the invite to please come and attend yours. Advertising comes in a lot of forms and there are a lot of choices so choose wisely.

2. Networking. — Become a good networker and get out and meet people on a regular basis. Local chambers of commerce and other service groups are good places to start to develop local networks and relationships. Remember it's not about you – It's about the value that you bring in ways that you can help other people. Do this and you will be a successful networker.

3. Social media — Become good at social media. Learn to interact with people and interface with new friends on Facebook, Linked In and other social media platforms. Learn to master being present and developing a larger network by giving good content. If you bring a good content you will gain both credibility and a number of new contacts. Remember-Givers Gain.

4. Communication. — Be a good communicator with both internal and external customers. Learn how to have creative and courageous conversations on a regular basis. Get to know people and spend time with them. This has to do with developing relationships which is the next key …

5. Develop relationships — Make people key to your life in both personal and business areas. Learn to spend time and develop the relationships with key people by having great conversations. This takes time – but the payoffs are internal, external and eternal … my father said: "If you're in this for the money you're only have paid."

6. Have fun. Make some joy from the drudgery of work. There is no need for work to be arduous or dour. Have a good time and enjoy people. Keep a sense of humor and be willing to laugh at yourself. This will prove therapeutic and may save your sanity!

Do these and you will succeed. I would love to hear your keys to success as well. Feel free to email me or reach out and let me know what your keys to success are. Execute the above daily and you can not help but succeed in life and beyond. Thanks and here's to your success!

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