List Building: 7 Easy Steps to Building a List Online


 List Building: 7 Easy Steps to Building a List Online

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I see you've been struggling to build a responsive list. You've probably paid for some ebooks and attended courses online. The result? Nothing but frustrations.

Relax. Here is a proven seven-step formula. The experts have probably never explained to you clearly and concisely.

Step 1: Create a landing page or squeeze page.
To build a list you need to have email addresses of people who have agreed to receive communication from you. The best way to do this is to ask your website visitors. Nothing does this better than a squeeze page. To be effective, give something for free in return for the email address.

Step 2: Have an auto responder.
Your website is active 24 hours a day. When people get to your squeeze page and request for your freebies, they need an instant response. You can not do this effectively without an auto responder.

Step 3: Drive traffic to your website.
List building is a function of traffic. All things constant, the more the traffic the faster you list grows. There are many ways you can drive traffic to your website. Whichever way you choose to use, make sure you master it. And do something every day that brings the potential to bring you traffic.

Step 4: Send the subscribers strong, informative, useful emails.
Once you have people on your list. You do not want them to opt out. Give them information, in an interesting manner that will wow them. Give unique and valuable information. You see people on your list are your followers. You need to be more informed than them.

Step 5: Ask for referrals.
No one can be a better sales person than your satisfied customer. One a regular basis, ask your list members to introduce you to their friends. Provide an opportunity for your members to send articles to their friends with your back links.

Step 6: Send emails regularly.
Regular communication is important in building a relationship with your list. You may choose to send emails once a day, twice a week, twice a month or even monthly. Consistency and passion is what will keep your list members happy and thankful.

Step 7: Focus on the big picture.
It takes time to build back links to your website. Search engines will take a few weeks before they get your site registered. So, do not give up too early. Focus on building a business online in the long run. List building is an ongoing activity that you need to do consistently.

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