Marketing Online – The Beginner's Overwhelm Factor


 Marketing Online - The Beginner's Overwhelm Factor

Overwhelm has been a major part of the beginner's online marketing experience over the past many years. And with good reason.

When they asked the question – "Where do I start?" – that simple question was rarely answered in simple terms.

Most of the so-called beginners' courses were not for the true beginner. Not at all. They were being taught by gurus who did not fail them exactly, but although they had extensive marketing and / or technological backgrounds, they had long forgotten what it was like to be a beginner.

So many people beginners ended up in overwhelm, intellectual frustration, and emotional fatigue, and too often they just brave up.

The Cure for Overwhelm

Like anything else you learn, you have to start at the beginning and build a solid foundation. Overwhelm is experienced in direct proportion to the lack of basics. That's not a brilliant insight. That's just common sense.

So your decision to join the ranks of Internet marketers has to be accompanied by another equally important decision – that you will commit to building a long term business by beginning at the beginning.

Do not shoot for get-rich-quick results. They are a fantasy. There is not one successful Internet marketer who has not built his or her business in a focused, systematic, step-by-step approach. Not one. So do not be dazzled by golden pitches and over-the-moon promises.

Do not make the mistake of rushing. You'll rush yourself right out of the business and all the extraordinary possibilities that marketing online holds for your future.

And remember, as with all kinds of marketing you can choose to market in a hard-sell way or a heart-sell or soft-sell manner.

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