Methods For Bettering Your AdSense Income


 Methods For Bettering Your AdSense Income

AdSense is the way of making money online that is allowing many, maybe countless numbers, of people to live their dream life. Think being able to work right from the comfortableness of your own home, operate your own hours and become your own boss. AdSense can certainly help achieve that dream.

If you have experimented with making money with AdSense but just are not getting as much as you would like to, then the following pointers may help you to increase your AdSense earnings.

1. Have you ever done your keyword research?

When you are creating a website for the exact purpose to make money with AdSense you really do not want to base your site around any old phrase or keyword. Ensure that you do keyword research to determine that you do not have too much competitors but still have a lot of demand.

Obtaining that keyword factors right can be the decider somewhere between approaching a terrific income and getting nothing.

2. Where are the ads placed?

The position of your ads is always very important. If you have advertisings shoved down the end of the page they are not going to get observed and will not get very many clicks. You must place your ads over the fold on your web page as well as in a position that will have maximum coverage.

3. What color are your AdSense ads?

Believe it or not, the color of your ads can make a big difference to the click-through pace. If your ads are visible ads then they might not gain as many hits. If your ads go well with with your website then they can get more clicks.

When creating your ad code you can choose the colors for your ads, so you should choose colors that blend with the words and headings on your web page. You can also place your border color to the same color as the backdrop, which should be the same color as your web page background, so that your ad blends nicely and does not stick out too much as being an ad.

4. Do you use text or banner ads?

With good formatting your text ads will blend nicely with your website. Banner or text link ads look like ads and frequently people will not click on them just because they are advertisements.

Text ads blend much better and are more subtle on your website and have proven to transform better than banner ads.

5. Have you advertised your website?

Too many people make the mistake of making their website, adding content to their site and then simply leaving it and hiring it to earn money. You need to promote your website and develop backlinks to your site so it can rise in the search engine rankings. You need your site to rank well in the search engines to receive traffic so you can get clicks on your ads, devoid of traffic you will not make any money.


These are just a couple of simple tips that will help your AdSense income grow. It is fantastic how some little changes to your site can make a big difference on your click-through rate. Understanding AdSense and putting in the effort will allow you to have that income that you dream about and be able to home based and be your own employer. For an exclusive AdSense 100K Blueprint Review where you will certainly learn all about how to make lots of cash with AdSense, visit us today!

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