Network Marketing Online – Are You a Deer Hunter Or a Fisherman?


 Network Marketing Online - Are You a Deer Hunter Or a Fisherman?

Have you ever heard someone say "I'll give it a shot and see what happens …" as they decide whether to join your business? What they are really saying is I do not think this will work but just so you will leave me alone I'll give it a shot. I used to recruit people like this into my business and this was a big mistake. My problem was chasing people and trying to get them into my business. I was desperate so that was willing to try I said go ahead. The problem was usually these people were gone within 90 days or less.

To be successful in this business you have to approach it like a fisherman and not a deer hunter. The deer hunter gets dressed in camouflage, loads his gun and goes and waits for the deer to approach. If the deer moves he moves. He sits quietly so he will not surprise the deer and when the deer least expects it the hunter pounces. The poor unsuspecting deer, he was just mind his own business and the next thing someone is shooting him.

I can not tell you how many people I have enrolled into my business like this. They are not interested but I follow, annoy and when they are least interested I pounce and then I get excited because I got one. Here are other signs of the deer hunter marketing approach:

-They approach their warm market with the opportunity first instead of the product …
-They put up opportunity ads and disguise them as job offers …
-They buy opportunity seeker leads and spam you to death …
-They pressure you to make a decision right now, without giving you time to see if the business is right for you …

These are all mistakes and I used to make them all.

The fisherman has a totally different approach. He rows out to where the fish are and puts out the bait. The fish smell it and they come and basically capture themselves. There are people out there that want what you have. The secret is learning how to put the bait out so that people will come looking for you and in essence capture themselves. The lighthouse marketing system teaches you how to attract instead of hunt.

You may ask but did not they both achieve their task? In a sense yes but what do you think is easier and which would you rather do? Chasing and shooting a deer who is trying to run away from you or reeling in a fish who is already cached on your hook? There are many people who find great exhilaration in being a hunter but the major does not and it is very hard to duplicate. I would much rather reel in the hooked fish than chase the fleeing deer. So I say stop hunting and start fishing and your business will take off.

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