On Page SEO – Five Important Tips to Rank Well in the SERP!


On Page SEO - Five Important Tips to Rank Well in the SERP!

Beside building back links to your website it is very important to optimize your website for the search engines too, here are five on page SEO tips to archive better search engine rankings:

1. Use your keyword in your site title, URL and description

Putting your keyword into your page title, description and URL is a basic on page SEO factor and should be done whenever possible. This makes it a lot easier for the search engine spiders to to find out whats your page about.

2. Keyword Density should be between 1-3%

Try to use your keyword 1to 3 times per one hundred words. Using a higher keyword density may result in getting banned from Google. Write for your reader, not for the SEs!

3. Anchor Text

Use your keyword in your anchor text. This will boost your SERP enormous, and it´s nearly no work for you!

4. Your Outgoing Links

It can help your SERP to put one or more links to authority sites on your website. This is a trick nearly no one knows. A good site to link to for example is Wikipedia.

5. Bold Keywords and H1, H3 tags

Use these html tags to show the SE the importance of your keyword. Use H1 and H3 tags to highlight subtitles with your keyword included.

On page SEO is an important part when it comes to rank well in the search engines, after optimizing your on page seo factors you need to build quality back links to your website.

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