Overcoming Fears About Marketing Online


Overcoming Fears About Marketing Online

When I speak with therapists about marketing online, they typically fall into one of three groups. Group A is very excited about online marketing, and is actively engaging in it. They seek out information and are quick to adopt new strategies. Group B is baby-stepping into online marketing, but still have some hesitations. Lastly, Group C are attracted by the possibilities, but feel like it can be overwhelming, or they have concerns about dual relationships, privacy issues and liability issues.

So let’s look at each of these groups more closely.

Group A – the folks who are actively engaging in online marketing. The danger this group runs into is that they are too quick to adopt techniques without having a strategy. I see this a lot when therapists speak of online marketing in all or nothing terms- “this is the ONLY way to do it.” or “SEO is all bad.” or “SEO is all good.”

The piece that is missing here is an understanding that the internet is just a tool, like a pen, or paper, or computer.

Group A also falls into the belief that they are better at internet marketing than they might really be. The best way to measure your internet marketing success is by how many calls you get directly from your website each month. If you aren’t getting calls from the internet, your internet marketing is not working. Period.

Group B – the group who want to do more online marketing, but they do not know exactly how. This group, actually, is poised to do well with internet marketing, because they are looking for strategy and technique. They want to understand what gives them the best return for their investment and they are trying to have a balanced approach with regards to online marketing.

Group B might benefit from being a bit more open to the technology and with adopting a greater attitude of experimentation and curiosity.

Group C – the folks who have significant concerns about online marketing. This group can, and likely will, build their practices without using the Internet much, if they do at all. This is OK, but this group might be served by learning more about ways to use the internet. In turn, overcoming their fears and getting good information and assistance, rather than just classifying the whole Internet as fraught with danger and somehow unworkable.

So where do you fall in this spectrum?

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