Ping to Increase Your Traffic – How to Exploit a New Approach


 Ping to Increase Your Traffic - How to Exploit a New Approach

Pinging the directories every time, and only when you create new content enables the search engines to become aware of your new keyword rich and valuable driven content. The search engines will then crawl and index your new content effectively listing and ranking it, so that it is exposed to targeted traffic as quickly as possible. is a perfect solution providing a total of 26 Directories in one place, which will make the process of submission a whole lot easier.

Now there is more to pinging the directories than just submitting your last blog post to the ping directories, I have to admit I never knew this, this is something I've very recently learned. You can create an RSS feed for more than just a blog! If you notice with Pingoat you have the option not only to submit your blog URL but you can submit an RSS feed too.

As you're likely aware RSS feed generators are integrated within all standard blends of CMS like WordPress etc. This feed URL for your blog in the format can then be submitted to the ping directories as well as the usual blog URL ping submission.

Now this is the new tactic, there are services out there that allow you to convert all kinds of content into and XML or RSS feeds this greatly widens the scope for pinging, allowing you to ping articles or standard HTML sites not just your latest WordPress blog post.

The effect of this allows you to get indexed far faster than is often the case, ever experience the frustration of waiting an age for certain pages or content to get indexed in the search engines? Well I believe this will help, in fact I've run some tests (not enough to be comprehensive, nothing in this game ever is) and found that several of my pages of content that never showed up in the SERP's miraculously showed up within the next 24 hours, yes I suppose I'm speculating, maybe it was coincidence … I suggest you try this for your self too.

To find out more about the services and tools out there that will enable you to fully exploit this method which will greatly increase your traffic then just follow the links below.

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