Positive Self-Image – It Must Be Nurtured


 Positive Self-Image - It Must Be Nurtured

Each person has their own native abilities, signature strengths, learning styles, and personality traits. Does the image you hold of yourself recognize these factors? Do you see your uniqueness, respect it, and nurture it? Do you feel a sense of pride, confidence and purpose about how you see yourself?

As you move through your daily life, your self-image can support or limit your efforts. It can mean the difference between feeling inspired or apathetic and taking action or remaining stagnate. An immediate way to begin addressing this issue is to take note of the mental pictures you hold of yourself.

Do you have a positive self-image? Are the images you have of yourself in alignment with what you actually desire for your life? If they are, continue to nurture and support yourself. Do not take your present state for granted.

However, if after an honest self-appraisal, you believe a change is necessary to match an authentic and realistic self-image that you desire, then figure out what change is required and make a commitment to accomplish it.

Mentally see the change you want and its successful completion in as much detail as possible. While taking daily action to make the change, continue to repeatly visualize your desired outcome, refining it as you go along.

If you are persistent in this process, you will notice a shift in how you perceive yourself. Your self-image will experience a positive transformation, your confidence level will increase, and you will generate a natural enthusiasm and momentum to accomplish more in your life. Learn to laser in on what really counts.

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