Profitable Blogging – Discover 5 First Secrets to Energize Your Blogging


 Profitable Blogging - Discover 5 First Secrets to Energize Your Blogging

Most bloggers are taken aback when they do not generate interest for their blog when they have done reasonable amount of promotion. Why? It's because they focus more on driving one-time visitors to their site than building solid readership. To make blogging profitable for you, you must know how to entice visitors to come back. This can be easily done by offering them timely, useful content.

Here are the 5 secrets to energize your Blogging:

1. Update. Update. Update. Remember, what really makes online users to come back is regular posting. Imagine them dismay if they re-visit your site after a couple of days and find nothing new. They would feel they have wasted their time viewing your blog. To avoid this happening, post new content a couple of times a week. You can make use of images, articles, audio and video files.

2. Utilize search feeds to get topic ideas. Aside from related forums, which are great source of blog topics, you can also get idea on what to write about by subscribing to your search queries' results. By doing so, you will continuously receive possible topics from your feed aggregator.

3. Make sure that your blog is fast to download. The attention span of average online users is in between 5-8 seconds. If your blog takes more than this time to download, you'll be sure to lose readers.

4. Make your front page extraordinarily visually appealing. It pays to have a homepage that attracts readers because this is the first thing they see when they access your site.

5. Your blog must be search-engine friendly. Optimizing your blog content takes more than using the relevant keywords. You must also know how to enable permalinks and how to link each page of your blog. In addition, you must know how to properly use header tags, and title tags.

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