Quick Ways to Improve SEO


 Quick Ways to Improve SEO

Here is a quick summary of some of the best seo tips & techniques on ways to improve traffic to your website:

1. Commenting on Blogs – Searching for relevant, do follow blogs can help both with backlinks as well as traffic (Very easy method)

2. Posting on Forums- You'll be surprised a large amount of people will actually click on your signature in forums, especially directly related ones.

3. Social bookmarking Sites- Some social bookmarking sites can drive huge traffic. For some reason, Reddit and digg always delivers for me, but more for Reddit.

4. Facebook – Facebook is still very new, but is capable of driving hordes of traffic as we discover new methods of exploiting its huge user base.

5. Twitter – Twitter is one of the most awesome methods to greatly drive traffic! It's a totally viral thing, and people re-tweet interesting links quite fast. I've seen massive amounts of traffic coming from Twitter if used correctly.

6. YouTube – Ever heard of video marketing? One of the absolute best ways to drive traffic is through videos. People really respond well to them, but it depends on the video you make as well. So make quality videos and get started!

7. SEO / Organic traffic – Optimizing your site well, and getting organic search engine traffic is the most reliable, and the most likely to click on ads.

8. Article Marketing – If done correctly, not only can it drive huge traffic, but you will have pre-sold that traffic and they're already in the buying mood, then will buy your product. Very powerful stuff.

9. Hubpages and Squidoo – Google loves web 2.0 social media sites, and of them, Squidoo and Hubpages quite a bit. Make luse of these highly popular sites and create lenses and hubs!

10. Yahoo! Answers – Great way of driving traffic by responding to related questions with your links and watch the traffic coming in.

11. PPC – Sure, it's paid, but it's extremely targeted traffic, very likely to click and reliable.

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