Social Media Are the New Newspapers


Social Media Are the New Newspapers

There has been a shift. It is still happening but the shift is taking place from traditional news exchange towards social media. Although it may feel comforting sitting down reading a newspaper, there is less immediate gratification. Social media can bring instantaneous results for almost every news question.

Blogs, microblogs (like Twitter), social networks, streaming video, discussion forums – they all bring news. The quality and accuracy may, of course, vary. But where else can you find such a rich source of up-to-the-minute news? Even TV cannot bring this is the same way.

And the multiplicity of available platforms is interesting. A recent survey showed that 92% in the US use more than one platform for their news updates.

What’s the importance of all this? It is an awesome change ripe for opportunity. This opportunity is one which businesses would do well to heed as it is not going away any time soon and will involve your competitors as well as your customers.

No longer are we “fed” news (will the word “newsfeed” become obsolete?). We “access” news. We can personalize the exact news we wish to be informed about. And, furthermore, we can dictate the extent and depth of that access.

The biggest change is that we can now react, interact and personalize with our data. We can respond, question, ask for more information and challenge opinions like never before. These challenges can include those formerly seen in the relative privacy of customer service – now your conversation MIGHT be seen and heard throughout many different platforms. If you are not there to join in then the conversation will happen without you.

Long live change. Long live the News.

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