Social Networking Secrets – How To Build A Business From Social Networking


 Social Networking Secrets - How To Build A Business From Social Networking

Facebook and other social networking sites, I find, works with niches such as dating, relationships, or health.

It probably might not work for the 'make money online' niche in terms of building a profitable business and building a qualified friends list.

But Facebook is great for forming business relationships and communication. I use it mostly for messaging as it's far more reliable than email as messages do not get lost in the crowd or end up in the spam folder.

But let me say this – Facebook and social marketing can work. I've interviewed one of the most prominent social marketers around in Steve Iser and he's in the dating niche. You just have to build a huge list and nurture it, just like you would with your normal list. On Facebook, you have to be less promotional, way more personal (talk in a conversational manner). If you introduce products, you'll do it in the manner of a friend introducing it to you. Like this:

"Hey guys,

Check this out. I just found this website. I think it might appeal to those who want to lose a little weight this year. Anyways, go here. It might benefit you;)

your link here "

That's how you would do it. Short bulletins or FunWall posts that invite curiosity. If you sound like a snake oil sales man on Facebook or MySpace, it will not work. So follow the method above and you will not go wrong. In fact, you'll have people looking forward to your recommendations if you do it right!

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