Technical Tips For Climbing Up the Rankings in Search Engine Results


Technical Tips For Climbing Up the Rankings in Search Engine Results

If you are an online marketer and are looking to rank well in the search engines, then there are plenty of technical things you can do to climb up the search engine results pages (SERPS). Below is an overview of some of these.

If you have a website that contains dynamic URLs then this will hinder your progress to rank quicker. It is therefore advisable to use a ‘Mod Rewrite’ which should automatically convert your URLS to static ones. This means that you can create keyword rich web addresses which all help with increasing your search engine ranking. Search engine friendly URLs are absolutely key in helping to rank better.

Another factor a number of people overlook is ‘clean code’. If your website has lots of scripts in the page source then this can often be a problem for the crawlers. For example having lots of javascript is definitely a no no for a site that you want to optimise for search engines. Because of lack of experience, people do not touch this in case something goes wrong. This is way most people use open source CMS platforms like WordPress as opposed to designing sites from scratch.

There are several ‘on page’ factors you must look at. The content is one of the most important parts of determining the niche and importance of your site. Once you have your optimised content, try and interlink this to relevant parts of your site using the exact anchor text phrase. When doing this, ensure you don’t get carried away and start linking to every page of your site. A few links to other pages should suffice.

Page titles are also very important and instead of targeting one keyword per page, you can cleverly make a sentence in your page title to cover many ‘exact phrases’.

Off Page optimisation is another significant way of climbing up the search engine results pages. This entails ‘link building’ which is the art of driving anchor text links from various sites on the internet to your sites. These can’t be any sites but those that have some credibility with Google. The most renowned ways to implement this technique is to use article marketing using the most renowned directories, profile backlinks, RSS submissions, blog commenting and writing content to Web 2.0 properties. There are also things such as linkwheels but some may consider these grey if not blackhat so we wont talk about these.

To summarise, if you want to rank high in Google, you need to make sure that you are regularly updating your site with content, have a site that is fully optimised and drive continual links. It requires a great deal of hard work but hopefully after time you should reap the fruits of your labour. Patience is a virtue and in internet marketing this is an understatement.

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