Text Links to Your Advantage


 Text Links to Your Advantage

Internet traffic to your website primarily depends on the exposure of your website to the search engines and other related directories. How do you really get people to notice your website? In fact, internet traffic is a name synonymous with SEO (search engine optimization). We do SEO in order to get more traffic. Here, one of the most important elements of the SEO (search engine optimization) is the text links.


Text links are defined as the text that is directly linked to another page or website for the purpose of directing a visitor to the contents of that particular page or website. These are the text links that we see underlined, written in bold letters and blue colored text. What is the significance of these web links? Why is everyone talking about it? Simply put it this way; Search Engines like the webpage with most text links. Now, it does not mean that you should start putting text links onto your webpage to make it look attractive to the search engines. Search Engines are rather much intelligent and not so stupid to relent to a trap.


Search engine ranks a page according to different criteria which may include:

1. The popularity ranking of a web page

The popularity of any webpage is determined by the number of out links on a certain page as well as the number of back links to that page. The out links are those links that are imbedded in the webpage and directs the user to the other web pages. The back links are the type of links that the other websites use to link to your websites. Although, there are various other factors that a search engines will use to determine the popularity, but these two measure the major factors.

2. The relevance of the text link

It is not only the numbers that are important but also the quality of the links. If your text links directs user to the content that is similar to your product, than the page rank of your page will increase significantly. On the other hand, the page ranking will be much lower.


In making the text links, it is important to evaluate the two factors listed above. It is important that the developer realizes the fact that search engines are programmed to look for quality content rather than just depend on the quantity. As the technology progresses, webmasters will realize that only the quality text link will serve the purpose of attracting the much needed traffic.

It is appropriate to mention here that interlinking in your webpage does not help with the search engine rankings. Also a repetition of the text link on a same line will not have any effect on a page rank; rather it will be penalized by certain search engines. The text links that directs the visitor to any part of your own webpage has minimum affects when the search engines spiders your pages. Notice! Interlinking a text is great from a navigational and informational point of view but it does not help with the marketing. Always remember that the search engine prefers text links that are relevant to the contents and are placed in or near the title of the web page. Normally, the keywords that are placed higher on the webpage have more significance than the lower ones. While text linking, it is a good idea to create a static text link rather than a moving one. It is difficult for the search engines spider to notice the flashing, moving and animated text. For more information on the latest online marketing techniques, visit our blog [http://www.tucanatech.com/blog].

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