The Definitive Guide To Social Networking Sites – And How To Profit From Them


 The Definitive Guide To Social Networking Sites - And How To Profit From Them

In the past year alone, signups at social networking sites have grown by 50-60%. Clearly, social networking sites are now one of the hottest things online. Here are 3 of the top social networking sites and how can profit from them as an online entrepreneur:


MySpace has been the launch pad of many musicians. Musicians can promote their music through MySpace very effectively. The benefit of MySpace is that you can customize your profile with HTML, allowing you to make profile extremely unique. You can promote your business with a MySpace blog and by constantly building your list of friends. Updates in your business can be done through bulletin boards.


Facebook is newer in the social marketing arena but no less effective. It introduces a feature called the Wall, where users can post private messages to each other immediately. You can also send attachments via this feature, something not possible in other social networking sites. Like the other social networking sites, you can also post videos to your profile to make your profile more 'sticky'.


Used to be the top social networking site until MySpace took over. One new feature of Friendster is that it now has a classifieds section. It's currently down at the moment but could be up sometime again in the future.

The key to success with social networking sites is to use as many of the most popular ones as possible and continuously build your list of friends. Build a long-term relationship with your prospects by offering quality free information.

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