The Female Approach to Social Media


 The Female Approach to Social Media

Everyone uses social media for business and for personal reasons. Marketers must have a clear understanding of how people use social media. Taking an even deeper dive into it, what are the differences between how men and women use it?

There are many differences between how men and women approach and leverage social media. When it comes to proportion, women are at least as involved as men are, if not more. It covers all demographics.

  • A significant percentage of women use social media every week.
  • Women have diverse interests and use it for many different reasons.
  • A large percentage of women are engaged in order to acquire information, recommendations and advice from others.

It is extremely important for businesses to keep the female presence in mind when they are designing their social media marketing campaigns. If those business owners do not do that, they are making a huge mistake and will miss out on a great deal of unique opportunities that they will have otherwise. When it comes to decision making, in the cases where there are two principal partners (one female and one male), the woman is the decision maker in many cases. One very important concept to communicate to female online users is that being part of online communities will give them a strong sense of belonging. It will make them feel connected to others, respected, valued and they will feel that they are an important part of their groups. This powerful concept goes a very long way in the business world, where equality between men and women certainly does not exist all of the time.

The female demographic is not only strong and vital, it is also growing on a regular basis. Because women are excellent communicators (as a group), they will be inclined to spread the word about your business more often than men. That is rather what you want them to do. After all, your business's success is mostly based on word of mouth.

More and more women are getting over the misconception that social media is only for the very young and are starting to view it as an amazing tool to strengthen their businesses. It is becoming widely understood that social media holds a great deal of power and its potential is endless. It is so useful and the value can benefit all people and all generations. If you are still reluctant or do not understand quite how to fit social media into your professional life, here are some tips that should help.

  • Start slow: When you first start connecting to social media groups, you do not have to join a large number. It is really good idea to go for quality over quantity. If you concentrate on one thing at a time, you will probably enjoy very favorable results. Once you have mastered one (or a few) social media channels, you can branch out to others that you feel are relevant to what you are doing and what you want to accomplish.
  • Enlist others to help: You may feel intimidated when you first start to use social media. It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed but you should resist the temptation to quit right there and then. What you should do instead is to enlist the help, guidance and advice of others until you are at a point where you are more comfortable on your own.
  • Mimic others: A really effective approach when it comes to learning how to use social media is to mimic other people who know what they are doing. However, be careful not to copy them word for word. It is more about the concept. If you see that someone online is doing something that would work for you and that you would like to emulate, by all means, mimic.
  • Recognize that you are unique: The more involved you get with social media, the more you will see other people doing the same kinds of things that you are doing. Try not to pay to much attention to that. You need to concentrate on building and strengthening your own online presence and on offering products / services and information that only you can provide. That is your edge.
  • Recognize that you are human and that you will make mistakes: You will make mistakes (just like everyone else), especially in the beginning. Over time, you will make fewer and fewer. You should consider the mistakes as a vehicle for learning. Human nature dictates that much more is learned from negative than positive experiences.


Now that you are involved in social media for business, you can reach out to other women and begin to build strong and worthwhile relationships. Always bear in mind that you have something unusual and valuable to offer other people. Your contribution is very real and social media is a tool that will help you reach out and touch many people and really make a difference for them.

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