The Internet Marketing Mindset "Manifesto"


 The Internet Marketing Mindset "Manifesto"

This Is a Business and Should Be Treated as One:

You can not sit back and expect someone or something to do it for you. Like any business, it's hard work, long hours and a Dedicated Mindset! You must be focused, you must have a plan and apply that plan. Having the right mindset is the difference between success or failure. Like farming, you can not plant seeds and never cultivate them or water them and expect your crop to grow.

What Business is Right for You:

First, you must find your passion, what niche is for you? Are you passionate about Affiliate Marketing or Freelance Writing? Whatever business you want to pursue, understand that you must have a passion or love for it in order to succeed. When you love what you are doing, the challenges, long hours and hard work will not seem difficult – it'll inspire you to keep going.

Where to Start:

Once you know just what it is you want to do in your business it's time to become educated. An online marketing business is completely different from your days of going to your 9 to 5 job and everything is setup for you. Is not that why you decided it was time to have your own business, to break away from that rut you are living in?

Find One Really Good Marketing Course. Do not get trapped into buying everything you see online. You will be throwing your money away and will lose focus on what you originally wanted to do. So many times people think everything should happen overnight and when it does not, they jump from program to program never really learning anything. People who do this will inevitably fail.

Get that one good course and study it thoroughly. Take notes, list every step you need to take in order to get started and allow your business to grow.

Do Not get distracted, find a place that is removed from all other activities so you can focus on what you need to accomplish. Understand nothing, Absolutely Nothing happens overnight. With the right mindset you will find the patience and dedication you need to slowly and methodically build your goals.

Marketers who get swept away with indecision and procrastination will fail. They fall into an overload of information, becoming overwhelmed, frustrated and eventually fall for the allure of "get-rich-quick" schemes. They start jumping from program to program – they lose their way.

It's Time To Get Started:

A really good eBook or Course will teach you step by step every avenue you must take in order to succeed. Research is a key function that is imperative to getting off on the right foot. Finding sites online that are in your niche or compliment your niche is extremely important because it will get your name and your business seen by others that follow that particular niche.

It can be frustrating when you end up on sites that do not have your niche or quite frankly do not like your niche. Keep your mind clear and just move on. Do Not let setbacks deter your progress. Setbacks can lead to procrastination and procrastination is poisonous to online marketing. You will find the sites / places you need, whether it's for writing articles about your business or blogs that address your business.

Finding the right places online for your business, following blogs that address your business and even setting up your own blog is building a solid foundation. This is planning for the future. You can not build a house without a solid foundation, although you can build a business without a solid foundation.

Consider starting a blog, a blog is a great place for you to write short articles about your business. People are sooner to follow those who show they know what they are talking about. Declaring yourself an "Expert" in a given field will draw the much needed traffic you are looking for and people will trust you! Ergo – they will purchase from you.

You will find, as you progress toward your goals there are many tools and activities that you must implement in order to succeed. Learning article writing, link building, SEO, HTML, or how to attract Google are just a few of the things that will make or break you. You must keep your mind strong and directed with each new level you approach and learn.

This all takes time, your business will probably not be raking in thousands of dollars in the first six months or even the first year. As you approach another element that plays a key role in your business, learn everything you can about it. Become an expert in each level and each activity. Do not get discouraged, stay focused on your dreams and goals, they will come to pass.

The First Year is Now Behind You:

The first year has passed, you are starting to reap what you have sown. You will look back realizing how far you have come. Your knowledge has brought you places you never dreamed you'd ever learn how to do. All your doubts, the overwhelming fears that left you stressed and insecure are now behind you.

You stayed focused, you never stopped learning, you welcomed every challenge that was in your path – your path was clear because you never lost your mindset.

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