The Never-Ending Debate Over Quality and Quantity in Online Blogging and Articles


 The Never-Ending Debate Over Quality and Quantity in Online Blogging and Articles

Over the years, I've slaved away creating thousands of articles online, and hundreds of e-books. There is a method to my madness, although it may not be readily apparent. My goal is to get information out to the world, and also to share my experiences, observations, insights, and knowledge with human societies. Why you ask? Well, because I believe the world is not good enough, human civilizations have not reached their full potential, and the human race is stuck in the mud so to speak.

Some say that because I am not a writer by trade that I should be writing anything online. I completely disagree. The Internet is made to share information, and much of it is in the written form. Just because someone has not spent decades writing, or does not possess an MA in writing from a university does not mean that their knowledge is not viable or worthy. Further, I would submit to you that many people who are very good at writing are also not as knowledgeable in the fields that they write on, or at least as knowledgeable as someone else who has spent all their time doing it, rather than writing about it.

There was a rather interesting article in the LA times by Michael Kinsley, a popular columnist and writer on February 18, 2012 entitled "Syntax? Logic? Why?" Where he stated in the article and I quote; "when it comes to writing on the web, quantity trumps quality." Now then, as much as this bothers me, and I'm sure it bothers all of the other writers out there, I have a bit of experience this matter. Namely I have noted that my sheer quantity has assisted me online, whereas better writers, who have since more knowledge in their perspective fields have been able to compete with the sheer volume I have created.

Some might say this is good, others bad, I'm saying say both, and I'm like this. On one hand, it's too bad we are dummying down our population by poorly written articles. It's unfortunate that much of what is written online on blogs or in social networks contains very little knowledge or information at all. It is too bad that while it is important for people to express their opinions, and we can gain from various perspectives and insights coming from different directions, that much of what is polling the Internet today is an incessant nonsense, and a deluge of debris.

Neverheless, Michael Kinsley is correct, and one only has to look at the text messaging and some of the blogs out there to see what a bunch of crap there is online and the quantity is important to getting seen and heard. Originally, as the Internet got started the crowd was more intellectual, but today everyone is online, the digital divide has been crossed, and along with it they have brought all the nonsense off-line into the virtual world. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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