The Promising Future of Google Buzz


 The Promising Future of Google Buzz

Google has launched a new widget called Google Buzz for iPhone or Android phones which helps the Google users to update their status and share photos, videos, and content with their friends. You can post buzz about a party you attended and share photos of the event. The posts will upload in the background automatically. One interesting feature about android is that some programs help us use home screen widgets for easy access.

The popularity of Google buzz has been increasing day by day. We can connect with our friends' right on Google's Gmail home page. Google buzz is based on the idea of ​​collaboration, and that is the vital point of emphasis for many social networking sites moving forward. It has been designed to collaborate with other Google applications and tools.

It may take time for Google buzz to create a buzz because many people do not have the same network size like the ones established in other social networking site. Google Buzz can provide a great marketing platform by checking into the business locations and informing the followers regarding our business details. All the problems related to privacy issues will become viable once the Google Apps version is introduced. I have been "buzzing" since the very first day of its launch. Google will definitely emerge into a ubiquitous and invincible force financially and socially, in view of fact that it always brave prime importance to the users. Lastly I would like to say to all users to actively participate in BUZZ and feel the difference.

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